Created by one of the Smiths

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Charlie is our first 'hip' barman as he has tattoos - lots of them.  Hope that means we're finally cool.
He is a north Londoner and supports Arsenal.
A flamboyant dresser who comes with a stack of experience in both bar and cellar. 
He loves cleaning which makes us love him lots.
You'll easily spot Charlie, our little eccentric.
James is with us to learn how to run a pub as he wants to own one himself in the future.  Perhaps our ways are not the best for him to learn as they are most unconventional.  He has spent many years working in a theatre handling most things on his own so he should be more than able to cope well here.
Alex is the rookie.  Well, a rookie at bar tendering but not a rookie at film making which is his real career.   
   He is also a north Londoner but supports the other north London team, Tottenham. 
Alex has taken to being behind the bar but is still learning about beer and wine. 
And not just drinking them.
One of two Australians we've just taken on and although he comes with no bar experience Scott is a natural.  He is one of the funniest people I've ever worked with and a shift with Scott is always a laugh. 
He has only recently arrived  and is already ensconced behind the scenes on Good Morning Britain making tea for Piers Morgan.  A journalist from Perth he is an Aussie Rules fan but given time we may be able to convert him to the 'beautiful game'!
Our other Aussie recruit is young Ben and there is no need to convert him as I think he's come over to convert others.  Ben is here to see the new Tottenham stadium and to watch every game he can get a ticket for.   He is one of the most fervent supporters, of any football club, I've ever met, and he is an Aussie! 
He is so sweet that I even know Arsenal and Chelsea supporters who like him.
Sam; dear Sam, has come back to us after his one year sabbatical in Thailand.  Sam's degree is in Thai Studies, hence the year in Thailand, and we were very worried that he might not come back.    So obviously the lovely weather and the even lovelier Thai ladies were not enough to keep him away from finishing his studies.  
He is still as sweet and as shy and one of our our most loyal and popular barmen.
Conor must be the quietest and most shy Irishman I've ever come across.  So naturally I am doubting his Irishness.   And I don't believe he's a stout drinker either.  More doubt.  But if you get the chance to speak to him you'll hear quite an Irish accent, albeit a very soft one.  He has just graduated with a degree in journalism and works at that during the day just coming to us some evenings and weekends.
And that's me, always waiting for a place in the first team.
But that's because Millwall is my team and we're not in the Premiership.
I've been told many times over that I am the most unlikely Millwall supporter
but that's because they never saw me on the rugby pitch!
My other team is Celtic, my first love, and yes I know, two teams who couldn't be further apart
and not just geographically!
But, as a Millwall fan would say, 'I don't care'.