Old China Hand

No Ordinary Pub


The pub has been owned by the same family for 13 years.  The Smith family bought the freehold to the building so there are no breweries or pubcos involved. 

The name, Old China Hand, is an affectionate term for expats who have lived and worked most of their lives in China, and owner Rowena and her parents were all born in China and have lived there since forever with Rowena only coming back to live in the UK in 1998 when Hong Kong was ceded back to eh China.  Old China is also cockney rhyming slang for mate, as in ‘china plate’, so it ties London in with China.

DARTS (free for small groups and same charges as ping pong for party bookings)  

We have four dart boards and four darts teams in leagues mostly made up of professionals from the offices nearby.  We are one of the few, if not only, modern-ish pubs to put so much emphasis on darts.  We also have lots of board games and people come to us to play games.  Just like they did before pubs became 'restaurants'.

For small groups call the pub on 0207 2787678 to book.  We take take a deposit which is refunded on the night.  

For party bookings email Rowena on noordinarypub@hotmail.com.

PING PONG (hourly charge)

Peak Days and Times     

Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday   6 PM - 10 PM

Off Peak Days and Times     

Sunday   2 PM - 10 PM                

Monday and Tuesday   12 noon - 10 PM

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  12 noon - 6 PM

Saturday   2 PM - 6 PM

Sunday     2 PM - 10 PM

For small groups of 2 - 4 players 

PEAK   £9 for half hour and £18 for one hour

OFF PEAK   £6 per half hour and £12 per hour

Bat hire is £1 per bat and booking can only be made up to 24 hours beforehand with payment up front.  Call the pub on 0207 2787678 to book.

For larger parties 

PEAK   £30 an hour

OFF PEAK   £20 an hour

For party bookings email Rowena at noordinarypub@hotmail.com.  


All our drinks are from the British Isles (to include Ireland) because we are proud to support British and Irish businesses.  Britain has always been at the forefront of brewing ales (a legacy from the monks of old perhaps?) but now we can hold our own with lagers and other styles of beer also.  Even our wines are English and yes some English wines are quite palatable.  The sparkling wines have even beaten champagne in many competitions recently!  English wines are cold climate wines so more like wines from other similar climates such as Austria and Germany.  Gin and whisky have never been a problem in this country but now we produce rum, vodka, brandy and even sambuca!  And you can find all these at the Old China.

We don't do food as pubs never did in the old days. But we have lots of quality snacks.  You can order pizzas from Pizza Pilgrims (via deliveroo) or you can bring in your own food as long as you buy a drink!  No pungent food please.


Our staff are probably not your usual bar staff.  They are either in-between-job writers, musicians, academics or professionals, or someone taking a sabbatical.   Others are university students or graduates who are at a crossroads trying to decide their future or mature students.  They may not be the slickest behind the bar but at least you can have a conversation with them and hopefully they should be able to help you with the huge drinks selection.


We play background old sixties music with a few modern songs and a smattering of Irish and Scottish ballads thrown in.  Our customer base runs from young twenties to even younger seventies so we need to please everyone.  


The House near Bath is our other place near Bath surrounded by beautiful Somerset countryside. Not a pub but an old Victorian rectory with fourteen bedrooms, three acres of stunning gardens and a conservatory with views to die for! We're just fifteen minutes south of Bath and equidistant from Longleat if you're into animals.

We love doing house parties and well-behaved stag nights.  Within The House there is snooker, table tennis, darts, table football and outside we have a boules piste.  There is also so much to do nearby: from clay pigeon shooting, archery, go-karting, hot air balooning, scuba diving and horse riding to numerous golf courses which are easy to get on.   We can cater for small groups so a meal at The House is possible and of course Bath is great for a night out.  In winter take in a game of rugby at The Rec, home of Bath Rugby, arguably the ground in the most stunning location in the UK, right by the river.  And it's a great atmosphere in Bath for every home game!

Mates Rates apply to all regular customers of OCH but this does not apply during certain peak times so please call us directly on 01373 830415 or email Rowena at noordinarypub@hotmail.com.  Have a look at our website bathhotel.com and see what you think.